Can’t Add or Install Plugins in WordPress

Q: Why can’t I add plugins in WordPress? A: The following code was added to wp-config.php file that disables file editing and uploading. Simply remove these files from the wp-config.php file and then refresh the wp-admin page.

how to install wpcli on cpanel shared hsoting

Install WP-CLI on cPanel shared hosting

If you have root-level access to the server you can follow this guide to install WP CLI on your WHM/cPanel server: If you don’t have access to the root account nor can run sudo, but still have a user/level access to the terminal like from the cPanel terminal let’s say, then you can still … read more

Three Column Screen Layout WordPress Plugin Exploit

Three Column Screen Layout WordPress Plugin 🔴 Exploit

Another website got hacked and the owner noticed weird chinese characters in search results for his website. The index.php file contained the following code: Initially, the point of entry for this malicious code was a plugin named Three Column Screen Layout that has a vulnerability which as many other WordPress users report is being actively … read more

How to clean up a hacked WordPress site (Complete Guide)

Is your website loading slowly? Redirects? Popups? Can’t login? Strange folders? Files with weird names? Huge number of failed/deferred emails that you didn’t even send? These are just some of the most common symptoms of a hacked WordPress website. If you are experiencing some of these problems – do not panic! In this guide, I’ll … read more

wp-admin works but not website 😱

Is your wp-admin working, but the front-end is white page? This usually happens when a certain WordPress plugin is running up against the PHP Memory Limit. Check your error_log file for any error messages that confirm this: Edit the file /etc/php7/apache2/php.ini and increase the memory limit: Increase the limit and then restart Apache. I also suggest … read more

Disable WordPress plugins via FTP or within PHPMyAdmin

Here are various ways to disable all WordPress plugins at once in cPanel. Disable all plugins via FTP or FileManager Step 1. Login to cPanel > File Manager Step 2. Open /wp-content folder Step 3. Rename /plugins folder to plugins.bak Disabling all plugins using PhpMyAdmin Step 1. Login to your PHPMyAdmin Step 2. Open your … read more

Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

✅ How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress [SOLVED]

Here is How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress: Increase Maximum Upload File Size using the .htaccess file Change the numbers to the values that you need: Increase Maximum Upload File Size using wp-config.php Open up your wp-config.php file and add the following code inside: Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress using … read more

Why is ?doing_wp_cron being added to my URLs

WordPress background processing tasks such as publishing scheduled posts, backups or auto-updates may append ?doing_wp_cron to your URLs. Most common plugins that cause this issue are: All-In-One WP Migration and UpDraftPlus Backups. Disable doing_wp_cron in URL using wp-config.php To remove ?doing_wp_cron from URLs using the wp-config.php file simply edit the file and remove the line containing: Disable … read more