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Speed up a WordPress website

Speed up your WordPress site and outperform the competition
Content optimization.
JS and CSS minimization.
Enabling .gzip compression & caching options.
Database optimization.
Page speed improvements.

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Improve WordPress Performance & Speed

If your WordPress site is suffering from slow speed and poor performance, it may be time to bring in the professionals.

Speed up your site with a
WordPress support plan.

When it comes to WordPress performance, there’s always room for improvement. After all, the internet keeps getting faster and you need to make sure your business is keeping up.

At WPxss, we go beyond managing your site updates and safeguarding your site against pesky hackers. When you partner with our expert team of WordPress pros, you receive concierge-style guidance for taking your site to the next level — including strategic recommendations for improving the performance and speed of your WordPress website.

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How can We speed up your WordPress site?

We’ve created a solid and unique system to significantly speed up WordPress.
We tune your WordPress site to perfection which gives you and your visitors the best possible user experience.


Images Compression

Images are the biggest factor causing your website load slow. But you have hundreds of images, how you can compress them one by one? our WordPress developer got you covered. No matter how many images you have on your website, we will compress them and load them onto your website again without losing the Quality of images.


Minify JS and CSS

If you try checking your website through the Google page speed test you will see an option to minify your CSS and JS files in order to increase your website speed. The CSS and JS help your website look good and professional so magnifying them needs a lot of care and experience. We will do that professionally without losing the design of your website.


(Content Delivery Network)

We will set up a CDN on your website to make it load fast and secure. Your website might be visited by different locations and countries. A CDN network creates a copy of your website based on the location so whenever someone visits your website from the same location it loads your website instantly without causing any delay.



You may know that if you compress the size of your file in your local laptop or computer you will see a significant increase in speed. In the same way, our WordPress developers compress files on the server to make your website size small and make it extremely fast.


Cleaning up
your Website

We clean up your database and delete the irrelevant tables, users, drafts and many other things which can cause your website to load slowly. Having lots of plugins can increase the load on your servers also they send the different request which makes your website very slow. So we delete all those plugins and their files for better performance of your website.

Benefits of WordPress Speed Optimization

We don’t just use plugins to make your website load fast, Our WordPress pros use their decades of experience to provide you the best WordPress speed optimization service.

High Retention

Fast loading speed results in high user retention they stick to your website for the information and services they need.

More Conversion

It can help you to increase your conversion rate to an insane level. You will get more leads and sales as compared to the slow and buggy website.

Improve Ranking

Speed is very important for the google ranking so having the fast loading website will definitely improve your ranking in search results.

User experience

When it comes to users experience high-speed websites increase user engagement and decrease the bounce rate.

your WordPress site?

We will optimize your WordPess website to make sure it loads faster.