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Grow your business, not your hosting plan

Reduce hosting resources by keeping your WordPress site always updated and bugs free with high-quality outsourced WordPress maintenance,
usually only available to the largest corporations.

Running a WordPress website is hard.

It’s even harder when companies try to sell you on the myth of the “easy website”
only to leave you hanging as you smash into the wall of reality a few months later.


  • Any Theme will work great!
  • Add tons of Plugins for functionality
  • You won’t need any code, ever!
  • Hire a designer when you need help
  • Updates will “just work”


  • Your site is slow, difficult to customize, and doesn’t rank
  • You have 30+ Plugins; some have complex integrations
  • Something is broken, and you have nowhere to turn for help
  • Your designer has gone AWOL and isn’t responding
  • You’re afraid to update because you might break something

You’ve experienced the pain; you’ve had the headaches;
and now you know the truth—you’ve been sold a bunch of lies.

How does it work?

All your WordPress issues resolved in 3 steps.


Open a support ticket
describing your issue


We’ll assess your request
and requirements.


Our specialists get to work
on your website!

What this means for You?

This all sounds nice, but why should I hire you to do my WordPress maintenance? We’re glad you asked.

More Secure Site

We prevent site break ins and hacks to keep your site running as smooth as possible. Don’t worry, we got this.

Increased SEO

Our site, speed and content services help to rank your site higher in Google’s search algorithm. Who doesn’t like higher search rankings?

Constantly Fresh Site

You’ve got unlimited small changes to your site. Which means you’ll always have fresh content and new things to say. Let’s keep your audience engaged!

Incresed Site Traffic

With increased optimization, site speeds and better conversions, your site will attract more users. You can thank us for the increased business later..

A Faster Site

A faster site means better performance means happy customers. Now who wouldn’t want happy customers?

24/7 Eyes on Your Site

We’re always watching your site so you don’t have to. If a page sneezes, we’ll give it a tissue and let you know.

DIY WordPress Guides

We also write in depth articles about the most common problems in WordPress for all the DIY webmasters out there.

downlaod wp links
manual backup
How to Backup a WordPress site using Installatron

WordPress Maintenance for ordinary folks

Parents, Teachers, Salesmen.. We know how valuable your time is,
and that’s why we spend hours maintaining your sites so that you don’t have to..

Starting at $29 per month