5 Easy ways to Create a WordPress Admin user

Here are five different methods to create a new WordPress Admin user. In all of the examples below I will use the following username/password combination, so make sure to change it before running any of the commands: username123 change username123 with your username password123 change password123 with your password [email protected] change [email protected] with your email … Read more

How to setup JS and CSS environment files for WordPress plugin development

I got the method I’ll describe below from Krasen Slavov, who shared it on his blog wprotary.com back in December ’21, and I’ve been using it for my WordPress plugins ever since. If you require anything more complicated with eslint, stylelint, and PHP standards, I recommend using Composer + nodeJS, or looking into Gulp. Requirements … Read more

Types of WordPress Malware Attacks and What They Do

Here are the most common types of WordPress malware attacks. Permanent malware eradication entails conducting a thorough investigation and determining the type of attack that occurred, how it occurred, and permanently closing that door. This is known as root cause analysis and vulnerability fix in the security world. 🔀 Cross-site scripting (XSS) The most regularly … Read more

What is 🗄️ File inclusion and How to prevent WordPress file inclusion attacks

File inclusion vulnerabilities allow an attacker to read (and sometimes execute) files on the WordPress website, gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and inject malicious files through the “include” functionality. This can be very dangerous because if the webserver is misconfigured the attacker may gain access to sensitive user information and even execute arbitrary commands. There … Read more

What is ℹ️ Data breach (information disclosure) and How to prevent WordPress information disclosure

Information disclosure, also known as data breach is the unintentional exposure of sensitive information. This sensitive information can be anything from technical information such as plugin versions or hosting plan limits, to users information that should not be made public. Information disclosure is not a hack but allows an attacker to obtain sensitive information that … Read more

How to Backup a WordPress site using Softaculous

If you’ve installed your WordPress installation via Softaculous or Installatron, you can set backups directly in the WordPress management screen. Step 1. Simply login to your cPanel and scroll down to web applications section. Step 2. Choose the installation that you want to set backups for and click on the backup button, as shown in the screenshot … Read more

How to import an existing WordPress website in Installatron

If you have manually installed one of the supported Installatron applications, you can easily import the application through Installatron to take advantage of all the features that Installatron offers. The steps when importing into Installatron are the same for all applications, so we will use the example of importing a WordPress application for this article. … Read more