WordPress blog hosting compared ✍️

In this article, we will overview what features to look into a blog hosting. Then, we will compare seven of our favorite WordPress web hosts and help you choose the best blog for your blog. Let’s start working! What you should be looking for in a WordPress hosting for your blog? Pre-installed WordPress Some web … Read more

LinkedIn WordPress Assessment Answers 2021

Which folder in a WordPress install is not affected by an automatic WordPress update? /wp-include /wp-admin /root ✅ /wp-content 2. You can harden your WordPress site security by adding______to your wp-config.php file? hashes and rCAPTCHA custom action hooks and filters database usernames and passwords unique keys and saits ✅ 3. In WordPress, what is the … Read more

Quick download WordPress versions from wp.org

Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Download Latest ZIP Download Latest Tar ZIP 5.8 Branch 5.8.2 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8.1 September 9, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8 July 20, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.7 Branch 5.7.4 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS … Read more

How to Manually Backup WordPress

A lot of WordPress backup plugins have limitations and are just pushing you to purchase the pro version. That is why I always recommend cperforming a manual backup of WordPress websites, whenever you can. How to do manually backup WordPress: Download all files from Filemanager or FTP Export the database from PHPMyAdmin How to Manually … Read more

How to Backup a WordPress site using Installatron

If you’ve installed your WordPress installation via Softaculous or Installatron, you can set backups directly in the installations screen. Step 1. Simply login to your cPanel and scroll down to web applications section. From this section click on any installation and you ill be taken to the Installatron section where you can see all your installations. Step … Read more

How to clean up a hacked WordPress site (Complete Guide)

Is your website loading slowly? Redirects? Popups? Can’t login? Strange folders? Files with weird names? Huge number of failed/deferred emails that you didn’t even send? These are just some of the most common symptoms of a hacked WordPress website. If you are experiencing some of these problems – do not panic! In this guide, I’ll … Read more

wp-admin works but not website 😱

Is your wp-admin working, but the front-end is white page? This usually happens when a certain WordPress plugin is running up against the PHP Memory Limit. Check your error_log file for any error messages that confirm this: Edit the file /etc/php7/apache2/php.ini and increase the memory limit: Increase the limit and then restart Apache. I also suggest … Read more