R4gn4r0 Mailer 1.0

A straightforward PHP script called R4gn4r0 Mailer is used to send bulk emails from WordPress websites that have been hacked. It offers capabilities like email address filtering, mass emailing, and blacklist checking and is essentially a clone of the LeafMailer. The malware is often discussed as a wp-active2.php file. Simple login form, the password is … Read more

Adding high-performance keys to MySQL tables to speed up WordPress

wp_postmeta table should be the biggest table in your database, if not, there is a problem. Read wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs tables When you install WordPress for the first time, tables are created in the database, for example for the wp_postmeta table: the problem? AUTO_INCREMENT slows down most queries, because of having to look in the … Read more

How to Clean cofounderspecials.com Malware

According to publicwww about 5000 websites are known to be infected with this type of WordPress malware. It is similar to legendarytable.com malware and adds js code into every post and page so that visitors are redirected to third-party websites. Check if infected To check if your website is infected, open PHPMyAdmin, select your database, … Read more

How to delete all comments in WordPress

WordPress uses the wp_commentmeta and wp_comments tables to store comments and their data. To delete all comments in WordPress simply empty those tables in the database: To delete all spam comments use: To delete all unapproved comments use:

Never, EVER leave any backups inside your domain document root

I recently did a series of articles regarding Types of WordPress Malware Attacks and What They Do and this is just one example of a poor security practice that most people engage in. For example, this Montenegrin website that can be found by Google Dorking has a backup of the wp-config.php file named c2onfig.txt If … Read more

How to remove the Remember Me option from WordPress login page

The ‘Remember Me’ option is a checkbox on the WordPress login screen that lets your users save their username and password. If checked, WordPress will remember the login session for 14 days. If you want to disable the Remember Me option in WordPress, here is how to do it: 1. Hide the option using CSS … Read more

How to Add Text over Image in WordPress

In this blog, I am going to show youtwo built-in methods to easily add text to any image on your WordPress website. 1. Add text over image using Cover Block Click the plus button to add new block and search for “Cover” Then add your image and you can add text over it. the result? … Read more

Hot to fix error: Missing a temporary folder.

Missing a temporary folder. WordPress error can be caused for multiple reasons: Inodes/Disk usage is over quota and new files can’t be created CageFS is blocking requests/permissions A custom upload path is set in the wp-config.php file Required extensions are not installed or disabled Folder wp-content/uploads is missing or have wrong permissions How to fix … Read more