Hello! I’m Stefan Pejcic 👋

I’m Stefan, and I’ve been building WordPress websites for businesses for over 10 years as a web designer and business owner.

I’ve built great business websites, terrible ones, and everything in between. Three things I’ve learned over my last decade working with us business owners:

  1. Our websites are hugely important
  2. most of us can’t afford a pro web design shop
  3. we need affordable ways to make our websites happen.

Luckily, WordPress provides a solution.

I built this website to help you figure out which WordPress plugins & themes to use, which ones to ditch, and how you can get started. I know there is a lot to weed through. And once you’ve found it, starting out can be a little confusing.

But fear not. I’ve got your back.

And hey, by the way, some of the products and services I promote pay me in return for my promotion. In the interest of transparency, I want you to know that. However, I always pick products and services I believe in, THEN garner their promotional affiliation and not the other way around. What that means is that my opinions and guides are my own, and not for sale.

So, are you ready to get your business rolling? Let’s do this!

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