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List of BEST WordPress Developer Blogs

As you may have guessed from this site, I ❤️ LISTS.  I pretty much have a list for anything WordPress-related:

Here is another list that was once a draft page on this blog that I used to bookmark links to interesting blogs written by other WordPress enthusiasts and developers.

The list is simply updated as I stumbled upon those sites and is not organized in any way.

John Blackbourn

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John Blackbourn is a WordPress core developer and author of some of the most well-known developer tools such as Query Monitor, WP Crontrol, User Switching, and many more.

Even though John only posts a few times a year, his site, johnblackbourn.com, certainly offers a lot of fascinating content.

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When researching for one of my posts, I accidentally came across wp-kama.com and because I enjoyed the content, I explored the entire website. Then I learned that the blog is also available in Russian at wp-kama.ru 😱

Since the Russian version has significantly more content and is updated more often, I decided to share it here.

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WP_HELPERS() is another great blog for developers because it is more code focused and has a lot of useful PHP snippets to expand WordPress.

Mehdi Nazari

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Mehdi Nazari is a fellow WordPress developer that writes straight-to-the-point guides on how to do various wp stuff and solve complex development tasks.

Tom McFarlin

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Tom shares a lot of how-to’s both on his blog and as contributions to other well established wp blogs.

His guides have been read by millions of users and has helped

Bill Ericson

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Bill is a WordPress developer that has built a career on top of WordPress. He’s contributed to WP Core and Genesis theme framework.

His blog billerickson.net has a lot of useful guides for more advanced WordPress users and beginner developers.

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Konstantin Kovshenin is a WordPress core contributor and does code review, training, and consulting.

His blog posts are more focused on WordPress performance and CLI.

WP Dev blogs that are older but still good!

Here are a few older WordPress blogs that I used to follow when I first started using WordPress; even though they haven’t been updated in a while, they still contain a wealth of information for beginners:

What other blogs about WordPress development do you read? If you know of any, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them! 🙂

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