Install WP-CLI in cPanel with CageFS

In this guide, I talked about adding WP-CLI to your system, but if you use cPanel with CloudLinux, you also need to include it in CageFS so that all users can access the wp command. First, download the WP-CLI command inside /usr/local/bin Add WP-CLI path to CageFS: and inside add: save the file, then update … Read more

Delete Expired WordPress Transients

WordPress uses transients to temporarily store data for its plugins and themes. By managing transients you can optimize your website for speed and make sure your website is always functioning properly. Here are a few methods how to safely delete expired WordPress transients: Delete Expired WordPress Transients using WPCLI To delete only expired transients use: … Read more

Delete inactive WordPress Plugins and Themes using WPCLI

Deleting all inactive WordPress themes and plugins from your website is a recommended security practice. Even when deactivated, old, insecure plugins and themes might still pose a threat to the security of your WordPress website. Here are oneliners to remove inactive themes and plugins from your WordPress website using WP-CLI. List all inactive WordPress themes: Delete … Read more

List all shortcodes from all WordPress posts with WPCLI

If you used shortcodes from a certain plugin or a theme and then stop using either one, then chances are that you still have shortcodes that no longer translate into anything. In this guide We will be using WP CLI Shortcode scrapper package to find all shortcodes in the database. This command works by searching … Read more

Create WP-CLI Aliases

IF you use the same commands often you can save them as aliases so that you have them always available. For example, the following commands will check if WP core, installed plugins and themes have updates available: You can combine the commands into a one-liner: and you can create an alias for this command: so … Read more

5 Easy ways to Create a WordPress Admin user

Here are five different methods to create a new WordPress Admin user. In all of the examples below I will use the following username/password combination, so make sure to change it before running any of the commands: username123 change username123 with your username password123 change password123 with your password [email protected] change [email protected] with your email … Read more

Purge cache from W3 Total Cache plugin using WP-CLI

Here are some useful commands to clear cache from the terminal with wpcli: cdn_purge purge URLs from CDN and Varnish flush all flushes all cache related to W3TC (Page Cache, OC, DB Cache, Minify, etc.) flush page flushes pages cache only flush posts flushes both pages & posts cache flush database flushes DB cache flush … Read more

Reset WordPress user password using WP-CLI

In this guide We’ll cover how to reset a WordPress user password using WP-CLI. Step 1. Ensure WP-CLI is installed and you are in the website directory run the following command to check if you are in the right folder: Step 2. List all users and note user_login for the user Step 3. Replace the … Read more