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Best WordPress SEO plugins for beginners to increase website SERPs

If SEO is not your area of interest and you actually don’t know anything about it, you still should not undermine its importance to your website’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your site rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. Higher you rank, more traffic you get, therefore taking care of basic SEO is essential for every webmaster.

There are hundreds of things affecting on your website’s placement on search engines. For a busy webmaster, it is quite challenging to try to stay updated about the latest SEO techniques or even learn the basics. There are plenty of good WordPress SEO plugins available to help optimize website for search engines in mind. These plugins will help to increase your website’s rankings on a search engines without being an SEO expert.

With the top WordPress SEO plugins below, you should have no trouble improving your website ranking on SERPs.

Yoast has a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 at WordPress.org users from all over the world. It has got over a million downloads. Yoast offers a number of essential SEO tools, For example, you can customize post titles, analyze content and get instant advice on how to SEO optimize it for your specific keyword. It’s snippet view gives you a preview of your post in search engines like Google to see how it would appear before you ever publish it.

You can also enable advanced XML sitemap and RSS which fights content plagiarism, breadcrumbs navigation, social integration etc.

Yoast is beginner friendly, it does a lot of things automatically, and lets advanced users to switch advanced options on to go even deeper at settings. There is free version, which comes with all the main features. There is also a premium version available which comes with even more advanced features such as a redirect manager, internal linking options, multi-keyword focus etc. Furthermore, there are a few useful add-on plugins available such as Local SEO, News SEO and Video SEO.

Definitely, Yoast SEO is worth looking at. We’re using it at WPXSS.com, and Yoast SEO is our Editor’s Choice for the Best WordPress SEO Plugin.

Key features:

  • Instant keyword and content analysis
  • Edit post titles and meta descriptions
  • Robots meta configuration
  • Readability check
  • Canonical
  • XML sitemaps
  • RSS enhancements

All In One SEO Pack is quite flexible search engine optimization plugin for WordPress.

All-In-One SEO Pack has a rating of 4.5 out 5 at WordPress.org. With over 1million users it is one of the most used search engine optimization plugins for WordPress. It is quite beginner friendly also as only a minimal tweaking is required after installation. However, for advanced users it offers plenty of settings to play with.

It generates XML Sitemaps, and submits those to Google and Bing and improve SEO, It optimizes post titles automatically, and supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Canonical URLs. It works perfectly also with WooCommerce, which is a quite important for e-commerce websites. There are free version, which comes already with the all advanced features. There’s also premium version that comes with support and video SEO etc.

Key features:

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Canonical URLs
  • SEO Integration for WooCommerce
  • Automatically optimizes titles
  • API for developers

This is the ideal SEO plugin for beginners who are just coming into the SEO world for the first time. One unique thing about this SEO plugin is the real-time SEO information you’ll get while drafting a post. It helps you write content SEO and human-friendly way.  It also analyses your pages and posts weekly to show how your content is doing on the net, plus Finds you Keywords and Topics. It even finds you copyright-free images that you can use for free on your posts!

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Squirrly is actually content and SERP analysing tool, which could be used for example with Yoast or All-In-One SEO Pack. Squirrly let’s you keep settings of those both, and adds it’s powerful SEO analysis functionality to super boost your website. It works also well just out of the box without Yoast or any other SEO plugin. With over two million users, it is something you really need to take a look to make sure that your website content is SEO friendly.

Key features:

  • Gives SEO Advice as you’re typing
  • Headline Suggestions based on your keyword
  • Finds you Keywords and Topics that your Customers search for
  • Monitors Your Progress, get  weekly audit report by email

premium seo pack - Best WordPress SEO plugins for beginners to increase website SERPs

Premium SEO Pack is one of the best search engine optimization plugins available for WordPress

Premium SEO pack will give you a load of features. It’s also quite a beginner friendly as most of the things works out of the box without any tweaking of settings. Features include title, description, keywords, canonical meta, XML Sitemaps, local SEO, snippet integration, and video sitemap. It also compression of CSS and JS files increasing site load time. It also monitors your 404 pages and also redirects them.

Social presence is crucial to a website’s traffic. With a premium SEO pack, the size and growth of your social network are on the check. It also comes with content interlinking, providing ALT tags to images and with the 301 redirect module which handles all relating to links on a website.

Link builder for improving internal link structure and backlink builder are also useful features.

Key features:

  • On page optimization
  • SERP tracking
  • Open Graph Image
  • Twitter Card Image
  • Noindex and Nofollow options for each post type
  • You can customize each page directly from post preview
  • Support for Woocommerce

Welcome To SEOPressor Connect - Best WordPress SEO plugins for beginners to increase website SERPs

SeoPressor is another premium SEO plugin. It is robust and also covers everything that has to do with SEO .

If you are just starting off on SEO, the plugin ensures you use keyword-rich content making sure it appears at a particular place in the content and the frequency of the keywords needed at the particular location of the content.  Over Optimization tool warns you of getting off track with your optimization. This guards you against going over the rules with Google webmaster guidelines.

Key features:

  • Optimize Up To 3 Keywords
  • Get On-point SEO Suggestions
  • Include SemantiQ ™ LSI Keywords
  • Maximizes machine readability

SmartCrawl SEO plugin offers four core features: Moz integration, sitemap, automatic links and Meta tags and title customization. It is very user-friendly and easy to set up.

Key features:

  • Create and send sitemap updates to search engines
  • Auto-link keywords to any URL
  • Built-in Moz integration
  • Automated sitemap creation
  • Add custom descriptions and titles

Yoast SEO is WPXSS.com Editor’s Choice for The Best WordPress SEO Plugin. Another good option to use for optimizing your website for search engines is the All-In-One SEO pack. Both are quite easy to install and work well out of the box without tweaking too many settings.

If you really want to take your content optimization to the next level and also track your website progress on search engines, you should consider taking also Squirrely SEO in use. It will help you create SEO optimized content, and it works well if you have already either Yoast or All-In-SEO Pack installed.

Don’t hesitate to leave your questions or comments below about WordPress SEO Plugins. Thank you for reading, hopefully, this was a helpful post.

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