How to bypass cache and always view uncached content in WordPress

In most cases, the cache can be “tricked” by adding a random variable to the URL during testing, for example In this case, a new cache page is generated and does not load cached content that already exists.

WordPress blog hosting compared ✍️

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Top 5 WordPress Backup plugins

Website backups are critical for WordPress users who want to build a website on their own.Backing up the site on a regular basis can help us not only save the prior data, but also restore it quickly in the event of technical issues, website attacks, and other problems. There are many ways to backup WordPress, … Read more

Save database queries for analysis in WordPress

The SAVEQUERIES wp-config constant saves database queries to an array and We can use that array to display queries. The information saves each query, what function called it, and how long that query took to execute. To enable SAVEQUERIES add this to the wp-config.php file: Then in the footer of your theme put this: <?php … Read more

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

60 seconds or less, that’s all that takes to create a WordPress child theme and I highly recommend that you do it before even thinking about making any code or style modifications to your active theme. There are two files that you can use inside a child theme to overwrite parent theme’s functionality or style: … Read more

How to access WordPress using temporary server URL

We occasionally find ourselves in a situation where we need to test the website first, then point the domain name if everything is in order. To achieve this there are multiple ways: Edit Hosts file on your local computer Use online service such as skipDNS Access WordPress using temporary server URL In this guide We … Read more

Download WP-CLI & set custom PHP Version

Recently I was migrating a website from GoDaddy shared hosting using WP-CLI and noticed the PHP version in cli was outdated. Here is how to install WP-CLI and set custom PHP version for the cli. Setup WP-CLI To download WP cli: To run it use php wp-cli.phar To make it easier to call We’ll rename … Read more

Reinstall WordPress Core using WP-CLI

We recently made a list of the most useful WP-CLI commands with examples and how to fix the most common WPCLI errors but there are a lot of maintenance tasks that can be done with WP-CLI that We haven’t included in this list. One of those tasks is reinstalling WordPress Core using WP-CLI. Step 1. … Read more