The .htaccess file is a configuration file read by the server.

404 Page

What happens when WordPress can’t find the appropriate page for the URL you’re trying to visit? It takes you to the 404 page.

Absolute Path

Also referred to as the file path or full path, the absolute path is the location of a directory or file in a computer.

Administration Bar

The administration bar is the menu displayed in the very top of your screen when you’re logged in on your WordPress site.

Administration Panel

The administration panel is the control panel through which all of the content and settings on your site is handled.


Administrator is one of the default user roles in WordPress, and it’s the most capable of the five.


AJAX or Asynchronous Javascript and XML, is a group of techniques used in web development which allows a web page to communicate with a server without reloading the page.


Akismet is the most popular spam protection plugin for WordPress.


In WordPress, an archive page is any page that displays multiple items of a type of content.


An attachment is any file uploaded from within the “Add Media” modal when editing a post or page in WordPress.