Guest Post Guidelines

If you are reading this it means that you are interested in writing a guest post at our vvlog in an exchange for a backlink to your personal blog or business website. Before submitting an article please read the following guidelines in order to understand the requirements for getting your post published on WPxss.

Guest Posts Requirements

  • To write a guest post for our blog your content must be 1000+ words. But 1,500 words is great. 2000 word is even better. 3000+ words ROCKS. We can’t accept anything less than 1000 words.
  • All articles must be well-written without spelling or grammar errors. It’s okay if English is not your native language but please use tools such as Grammarly to spellcheck your article.
  • Content should be detailed with lots of examples and/or screenshots. Our goal is to help people running WordPress websites whether they’re beginners or advanced!
  • We only publish content that’s unique and hasn’t been published online already (all articles are run through Plagiarism Checker before being published). We don’t re-publish existing articles!

Do not do this!

  • Link-building schemes
  • Company promotions – for companies please visit our Advertise page
  • Offensive or inaccurate content
  • Critics on individuals or companies

Apply to write a guest post

Please email hello @ with the following:

  • A bit about your background as a writer.
  • links to previously written articles related to WordPress.
  • 3 blog post ideas for your first guest post(s) on The WPxss Blog.
  • If you’re able to write articles on more technical topics (minifying css, mysql database security, etc) or want to stick to the basics (list of plugins, best industry themes, etc).

What will you get in return

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How to submit a Guest Post

The WPxss Editor will assign you an appropriate topic for your first (and subsequent) article(s)! You’ll add and write your posts in the wp-admin dashboard and submit it for review there.

All posts will start with the status In Progress.

Content Requirements

  • Please base your article formatting on previous posts on our blog (at least 3 x images, 3 x H2 headers, proper HTML formatting, bulleted lists, headers, bolding, etc).
  • All external links should open in a new tab (target=”_blank”)
  • All code should either be embedded from Github or used the code labels.

Once you’ve written and fully reviewed your post for completion as well as correct grammar and formatting, change the post status from In Progress to Pending Review, press OK, and click Save As Pending Review.

Your post will be sent to our Editor who will send you any necessary corrections.

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to let you know your article will be published.

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