How to Clean Malware - How to Clean 🔴 Malware

How to Clean 🔴 Malware

According to publicwww about 5000 websites are known to be infected with this type of WordPress malware. It is similar to malware and adds js code into every post and page so that visitors are redirected to third-party websites. Check if infected To check if your website is infected, open PHPMyAdmin, select your database, … Read full article →

WPXSS CLANCI - wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs tables

wp_actionscheduler_actions & wp_actionscheduler_logs tables

WooCommerce plugin uses the wp_actionsscheduler_actions table in the database to log scheduled actions such as cron’s running, product synchronization, upgrade, etc. These actions should be deleted once they are executed but this doesn’t always happen, in most cases, this table uses an InnoDB database engine with a row-level locking feature meaning that multiple queries can … Read full article →