bbPress allows you to create forums with subforums, threads and posts as part of your website. Setting it up is fast and easy, and it’s built to work seamlessly with WordPress. The base functionality in bbPress can be extended with bbPress plugins, and themes can include custom styling for forums and threads. The most recent major release of bbPress is version 2.5, which came out in 2013. It has received maintenance and security updates at a steady clip since then.

bbPress was created because the forum software used for the support forums, miniBB, broke after a PHP upgrade. WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg decided that a replacement was needed, so just after Christmas 2004, he sat down to start working on the first version of bbPress. The early versions of bbPress existed side-by-side with WordPress, as separate content management systems, and couldn’t easily be installed on existing WordPress sites. In 2010, current project lead John James Jacoby took bbPress apart and put it back together as a proper WordPress plugin, which can be installed on any WordPress site.

The most prominent user of bbPress is probably still the support forums, which has more than 2.5 million posts. Like WordPress itself, BuddyPress is released under the GNU General Public License ( GPL GNU General Public License (GPL) GNU GPL, short for The GNU General Public License, is a free software license used by WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce. ) version 2.

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