The dashboard gives you an overview for your site, a shortcut for creating a new post and information about upcoming WordPress events and news in your area. The blocks displayed in the main view of the dashboard are called widgets. By default, five widgets are included in WordPress:

  • At a Glace: The number of posts, pages and comments on your site, with links to each content type in the administration panel. The text in the bottom of it tells you which version of WordPress you’re running and the name of your theme.
  • Activity: Information about upcoming scheduled posts, recently published posts and comments on your site.
  • Quick Draft: A title box and a content box that can be used when you quickly want to save an idea for a post.
  • Welcome: Shortcuts for getting you started, displayed the first time a user logs in to his or her account.
  • WordPress News: Displays information about WordPress events coming up near you, as well as links to the latest posts on the official WordPress news blog.

Additional widgets can be added by themes and plugins. If you have the Stats module in Jetpack active, for instance, Jetpack will add a widget with a overview for your visitors over the past couple of days. You can find additional dashboard widgets on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

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