Scheduled Post

When the date and time the post has been scheduled to be published on arrived, the post is automatically published and added to the RSS feeds of the site. Any post type can be scheduled for publication, including posts, pages and any custom post types included in your active plugins and themes.

To create a new post or page and set it to be scheduled for publication, go to either Posts → Add New or Pages → Add New. Enter the title and content of the post or page. In the “Publish” meta box in the right sidebar, you’ll notice a calendar icon with the words “Publish immediately” next to it. Click the “Edit” link next to that text. The text will change to a date and time picker in which you can specify the date and time of publication. Select a date and time and click “OK”, and the blue “Publish” button will be updated to say “Schedule”. Click it to schedule the post or page for that date and time you selected.

Once scheduled, the post or page will show up with the word “Scheduled” next to it in the administration panel edit view. You can change it to be published immediately at any point, change the scheduled publication date to a different one, or change its post status to “Draft“, if you want to cancel the scheduled publication entirely.

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