Static Front Page

The static front page feature is useful if the blog functionality is of secondary importance on your site, or not used at all. For instance, company websites can set a page with information about the business as the front page, and link to a page with the  blog archive in the menu (or leave the blog out entirely).

By default, WordPress displays a list of the ten most recent blog posts on the start page. To replace this with a static front page, log in to the administration panel and click Settings → Reading. Locate the setting labeled ”Your homepage displays”. Select the radio button labeled ”A static page (select below)”, and select the page you want to display on the front page in the ”Homepage” dropdown. If you want to display the list of blog posts on a different page, select that page in the ”Posts page”. Next, click ”Save Changes”. If you visit your site now, the start page will display the static page you selected.

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