Download WP-CLI & set custom PHP Version

Recently I was migrating a website from GoDaddy shared hosting using WP-CLI and noticed the PHP version in cli was outdated. Here is how to install WP-CLI and set custom PHP version for the cli. Setup WP-CLI To download WP cli: To run it use php wp-cli.phar To make it easier to call We’ll rename … Read more

Reinstall WordPress Core using WP-CLI

We recently made a list of the most useful WP-CLI commands with examples and how to fix the most common WPCLI errors but there are a lot of maintenance tasks that can be done with WP-CLI that We haven’t included in this list. One of those tasks is reinstalling WordPress Core using WP-CLI. Step 1. … Read more

Use Regex with WP CLI to Search & Replace in Database

When cleaning websites that have large databases, regular text editors can’t even open the database dumps (Notepad++ supports files up to 2GB in size). So to run a search and replace on large database dumps I suggest using regex-replace line-by-line in PHP, or setting up WPCLI and running regex search & replace. Here is a … Read more

Install WP-CLI on cPanel shared hosting

If you have root-level access to the server you can follow this guide to install WP CLI on your WHM/cPanel server: If you don’t have access to the root account nor can run sudo, but still have a user/level access to the terminal like from the cPanel terminal let’s say, then you can still … Read more