4 Security Checkpoints for your WordPress Website

Security is a result of security “practices” rather than plugin “functionality”. No security plugin is perfect, but we make do, and that, like everything else in life, is what defines the outcome. Here’s a simple diagram of how an attacker tries to get inside your website. There are 4 levels that each request has to … Read more

Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugin? Are you considering adding zoom options to your e-commerce products? Here are some of the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugins available on the market. Why you should use product image zoom plugin for your WooCommerce store? Let your visitors view your product image by zooming from different angles Turn your … Read more

How to change domain name for a WordPress website (5 ways)

Want to change the domain name for your WordPress website? No problem, in this guide We’ll walk you through 5 different methods to change the domain name for a WordPress website from cPanel PHPMyAdmin. Before following this guide make sure you’ve down the following: registered the desired domain name and pointed it towards your hosting … Read more

How to Set Automatic WordPress Backups using Updraft Plugin

Here is how to backup WordPress using the Updraft WordPress backup plugin. Step 1. Install and Activate Updraft Go to Plugins > Add New and in the search bar in top right, type “updraft”. From the search results click on the Install Now button and then activate it. Step 2. Open plugin settings After installing … Read more

Three Column Screen Layout WordPress Plugin ⚠️ Exploit

Another website got hacked and the owner noticed weird chinese characters in search results for his website. The index.php file contained the following code: Initially, the point of entry for this malicious code was a plugin named Three Column Screen Layout that has a vulnerability which as many other WordPress users report is being actively … Read more

How to clean up a hacked WordPress site (Complete Guide)

Is your website loading slowly? Redirects? Popups? Can’t login? Strange folders? Files with weird names? Huge number of failed/deferred emails that you didn’t even send? These are just some of the most common symptoms of a hacked WordPress website. If you are experiencing some of these problems – do not panic! In this guide, I’ll … Read more

Disable WordPress plugins via FTP or within PHPMyAdmin

Here are various ways to disable all WordPress plugins at once in cPanel. Disable all plugins via FTP or FileManager Step 1. Login to cPanel > File Manager Step 2. Open /wp-content folder Step 3. Rename /plugins folder to plugins.bak Disabling all plugins using PhpMyAdmin Step 1. Login to your PHPMyAdmin Step 2. Open your … Read more

✅ How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress [SOLVED]

Here is How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress: Increase Maximum Upload File Size using the .htaccess file Change the numbers to the values that you need: Increase Maximum Upload File Size using wp-config.php Open up your wp-config.php file and add the following code inside: Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress using … Read more