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Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugin? Are you considering adding zoom options to your e-commerce products? Here are some of the best WooCommerce product image zoom plugins available on the market.

Why you should use product image zoom plugin for your WooCommerce store?

  • Let your visitors view your product image by zooming from different angles
  • Turn your customers into potential customers
  • Improve the usability of your website
  • Let your customers have a better product experience and view through the zoom function
  • Increase your sales and revenue to a large extent

chrome E8CevCt51n 1024x500 - Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

The YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom plugin allows your visitors to zoom in on your store products from different angles on your website when they hover the mouse. This allows them to easily see the smallest view of your products and projects, with subtle details.

  • Let’s set the size of the zoom area
  • It is integrated with WPML
  • In addition, it can be translated into any language of your choice
  • It also allows you to locate thumbnails using custom templates
  • Add zoom function to your product
  • Customize carousel behavior
  • It is SEO optimized
  • It has a very high and powerful security function and does not allow copying of images

chrome 6H1h1SzykH 1024x657 - Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

The Magic zoom plus WooCommerce plugin is fully responsive and very easy to use. It is suitable for all devices and is fully compatible with all devices, making it a plug-in suitable for mobile devices.

In addition, it also loads a variety of functions, for example, you don’t have to add any additional libraries or jQuery elements. Because its compatibility is very good.

  • It supports SEO friendly URL
  • Protect your images from being copied
  • As more customers visit frequently, increase your conversion rate and thus convert them into potential customers
  • Place this extension wherever you think you need it, including category pages, search results, or popular blocks.

chrome smuPxxwg8L 1024x615 - Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

Using the WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom PRO plug-in, you can activate the product image zoom when hovering over the product image, click to display the image in the full-screen lightbox, and allow you to rotate the product image 360 ​​degrees. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Enlarge product picture
  • Quickly set zoom function
  • In addition, it is suitable for all WordPress themes
  • It is also highly customizable
  • Let you find reliable customer support through free installation
  • Highly compatible with all themes

chrome xSG7yWlMqo 1024x621 - Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

If you are running an e-commerce store powered by WooCommerce or WordPress, then Motif Zoom Magnifier is a must try and install it now.

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This plugin has many features, making it one of the best WooCommerce product image scaling plugins. It also allows you to set the zoom function most easily.

  • Show your product picture
  • In addition, it provides an excellent user experience for your customers
  • Let you keep customers for a long time
  • Provide 4 kinds of zoom effects: inner zoom, round lens, square lens, and outer zoom

chrome 2on62YGDK4 - Top 5 WooCommerce product image zoom plugins 🔎🖼️

Product Image Zoom for WooCommerce is the basic element of any e-commerce website with WooCommerce. In addition, it will lead to better conversions.

  • Ability to customize zoom function
  • Better size image display
  • Highly compatible with WP themes
  • Very lightweight plugin
  • In addition, it is easy to use and install plugins
  • Easy to customize
  • Allows you to add magnification to the product
  • High response plugin

Above are just some of the many excellent WooCommerce product image zoom plugins, you can use them and check their functions for yourself, so as to find the ones that really suit your needs.

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