Exclude WordPress cache & backup folders from Softaculous backup

If you are using Softaculous backups you may notice that Softaculous backups also the cache folders (wp-content/cache and wp-content/litespeed) and backups created by WordPress backup plugins (wp-content/updraft & wp-content/ai1wm-backup). This significantly increases the size of Softaculous backup files. To exclude these folders from Softaculous backups SSH into your server and navigate to the following path: Copy … Read more

What is 💉 SQL injection and How to prevent WordPress SQLi attacks

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language that allows code to interact with databases. Injecting SQL commands into a vulnerable user input section on your WordPress website such as a contact form or search box is considered an SQL Injection attack. Depending on the actual SQL command, this could purge the database, send the data … Read more

How To Install WordPress Using cPanel and Installatron

Installatron allows you to easily with a few clicks install any application in your hosting account, and the installation process is the same for many applications. To install WordPress, follow these steps: Step 1. In the “Software” section of the cPanel, click the Installatron icon. Step 2. Click on the “Application Browser” > WordPress Step … Read more

⚠️ What is Cross-site scripting (XSS) and How to prevent WordPress XSS attacks

The most regularly seen attack type is script injection (XSS attack), rogue scripts are injected into the webpage for malicious purposes. This includes redirects to third-party websites, collecting user data, downloading malware to visitors, etc. WordPress has a bunch of useful developer functions that are used to sanitize data (Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data) … Read more

Gel4y Mini Shell by Indonesian Darknet

Recently encountered a version of Gel4y Mini Shell that is not detectable by Imunify360 yet! Gel4y Mini Shell is a small PHP shell that has two notable features: lightweight – less than 15kb in size “stelth mode” – functions converted into hex code Compared to other PHP shells such as IDBTE4M BOT V87 Gel4y Mini … Read more



IDBTE4M BOT V87 is a PHP shell that has a rarely good mailer function which is hard to detect because it uses random [email protected] for sending SPAM: source code: when accessed publically the IDBTE4M BOT V87 shell gives a blank page, but with a POST request containing the random password, the shell looks like this: … Read more

WordPress blog hosting compared ✍️

In this article, we will overview what features to look into a blog hosting. Then, we will compare seven of our favorite WordPress web hosts and help you choose the best blog for your blog. Let’s start working! What you should be looking for in a WordPress hosting for your blog? Pre-installed WordPress Some web … Read more

LinkedIn WordPress Assessment Answers 2021

Which folder in a WordPress install is not affected by an automatic WordPress update? /wp-include /wp-admin /root ✅ /wp-content 2. You can harden your WordPress site security by adding______to your wp-config.php file? hashes and rCAPTCHA custom action hooks and filters database usernames and passwords unique keys and saits ✅ 3. In WordPress, what is the … Read more

Quick download WordPress versions from wp.org

Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Download Latest ZIP Download Latest Tar ZIP 5.8 Branch 5.8.2 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8.1 September 9, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8 July 20, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.7 Branch 5.7.4 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS … Read more