Convert WordPress to Markdown

Export WordPress posts to XML an then convert it into Markdown files suitable for a static site generator such as Gridsome, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, etc.

Step 1. Export WordPress to XML

Navigate to Tools > Export and Select “All Content

File will be saved as [website].WordPress. [DATE].xml

Step 3. Install NodeJS & Git

Make sure you have Git, NodeJS and NPM installed first

sudo apt install git
sudo apt install nodejs
sudo apt install npm

Step 4. Download the script

download the file from github

git clone

Step 5. Move the file to the same folder

move the exported xml file inside the same folder as the script and rename it to export.xml

mv [website].WordPress. [DATE].xml wordpress-export-to-markdown/export.xml

Step 6. Start the script

run the script

cd wordpress-export-to-markdown
npm install && node index.js

after running the script the wizard will let you configure options

the script will go trough the XML file and output posts as .md files

What’s next when you’ve exported WordPress posts to markup? use them inside a static site such as Gridsome or Gatsby.

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