How to change domain name for a WordPress website (5 ways)

Want to change the domain name for your WordPress website? No problem, in this guide We’ll walk you through 5 different methods to change the domain name for a WordPress website from cPanel PHPMyAdmin. Before following this guide make sure you’ve down the following: registered the desired domain name and pointed it towards your hosting … Read more

Quick download WordPress versions from

Quick Links Below are the quick download links of the latest WordPress release. Download Latest ZIP Download Latest Tar ZIP 5.8 Branch 5.8.2 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8.1 September 9, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.8 July 20, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS zip(md5 | sha1) 5.7 Branch 5.7.4 November 10, 2021 zip(md5 | sha1) tar.gz(md5 | sha1) IIS … Read more

How to Set Automatic WordPress Backups using Updraft Plugin

Here is how to backup WordPress using the Updraft WordPress backup plugin. Step 1. Install and Activate Updraft Go to Plugins > Add New and in the search bar in top right, type “updraft”. From the search results click on the Install Now button and then activate it. Step 2. Open plugin settings After installing … Read more

How to Manually Backup WordPress

A lot of WordPress backup plugins have limitations and are just pushing you to purchase the pro version. That is why I always recommend cperforming a manual backup of WordPress websites, whenever you can. How to do manually backup WordPress: Download all files from Filemanager or FTP Export the database from PHPMyAdmin How to Manually … Read more

How to Backup a WordPress site using Installatron

If you’ve installed your WordPress installation via Softaculous or Installatron, you can set backups directly in the installations screen. Step 1. Simply login to your cPanel and scroll down to web applications section. From this section click on any installation and you ill be taken to the Installatron section where you can see all your installations. Step … Read more

How to find and create the .htaccess file

.htaccess is a hidden text file that contains additional configuration for websites hosted on Apache (and LiteSpeed) server. With .htaccess file you can create redirects, password-protect directories, block IPs and much more. For some examples on .htaccess files make sure to check this .htaccess Cheatsheet. How to find the .htaccess file On cPanel after you … Read more

How to enable WP_DEBUG in WordPress

WP_DEBUG option controls the reporting of some errors and warnings and enables use of the WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY and WP_DEBUG_LOG settings. In this quick tutorial I will show you how to enable the WP_DEBUG feature and output the results to a log file. Step 1. Open wp-config.php file in your favorite text editor Step 2. Add the following … Read more

How to Reset WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin Database

Locked out of your wp-admin area? Forgot the password? No problem, the easiest way to regain access is to reset your admin password from your database via phpMyAdmin. Step 1. Open PHPMyAdmin The first step is to log into your cPanel and under Databases select phpMyAdmin. Step 2. Select your database name From the left … Read more

💡 How to create a Custom WordPress Single Post Template

Before we get to the technical stuff, I highly recommend creating a Child theme first prior to any changes. Step 1. Open up your theme’s folder and copy single.php file to something different like awesome-custom-template.php That’s it! Congrats, you’ve just created your very first custom WordPress single post template, now it’s time to modify it as you … Read more

Can’t Add or Install Plugins in WordPress

Q: Why can’t I add plugins in WordPress? A: The following code was added to wp-config.php file that disables file editing and uploading. Simply remove these files from the wp-config.php file and then refresh the wp-admin page.