How to add the | separator back in Yoast SEO plugin

The pipe ( | ) and tilde ( ~ ) separators are removed from Yoast SEO plugin 17.1. It was done because Google routinely alters these symbols in search results, according to Yoast:

Yoast SEO plugin without | separator

To add these separators back to yoastSEO plugin, simply add the following inside your active theme function.php file:

function wpxss_add_separator($separators){
            $separators['sc-pipe']   = array(
                'option' => '|',
                'label'  => __( 'Vertical bar', 'wordpress-seo' ),
    return $separators;
add_filter('wpxss_separator_option_list', 'wptips_add_separator');

and under Search Appearance the pipe symbol will be available again:

Yoast SEO plugin with | separator

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