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How To Interlink πŸ”— Your Blog Posts in WordPress + Best Plugins

It seems everyone is always looking for new ways to get backlinks to their website but sometimes they forget about interlinking posts in their own blog, In WordPress, there are several ways how you can interlink blog posts and many great WordPress interlinking plugins to help you do that

Before we proceed to the interlinking solutions in WordPress, let us first know the direct benefits of interlinking blog posts. There are various reasons why you should do interlinking posts. Here are some of the top reasons why:

Interlinking blog posts is a big help to on-page SEO. Interlinking your old and new blog posts increase the authority of your internal pages. It also helps you to build relevancy for your pages through the keywords that you are linking your articles to. Whenever you have the chance to interlink old articles, you should interlink them.

  • Increase page views

Every blogger must aim for more views on their sites. One of the best ways to do this is doing strong interlinking. Through interlinking, readers will think of such links as references and check these links as well. If a visitor reads a popular article on your site, there is a higher chance that he/she will also check other article links on your site too.

  • Decrease bounce rate

Advertisers usually ask about the status of your Google Analytics. They look at traffic, bounce rate, and source of traffic. The lower the bounce rate, the better is your blog. If your website has a lower than 60% bounce rate, they consider it as a good website. By interlinking your blog posts, you give readers more reasons to check other posts and decrease the bounce rates.

  • Crawling and Deep Indexing

When you interlink blog posts, it helps search engine bots to index and crawls your blog posts effectively.

  • Passes Link Juice

Interlinking passes link juice from a particular page to another page. This is why it is highly recommended for you to interlink your old blog posts with your new ones.

Now that you already know the benefits of interlinking blog posts in your WordPress site. There is no reason for you not to try doing it today. If you are a frequent blogger and want to increase your views, you should definitely interlink your old blog posts to your new content. Just ensure that your posts are relevant and worth reading.

WordPress has a lot of excellent plugins that you can use to interlink easier. Here are some of the best plugins for interlinking blog posts in WordPress:

AIOSEO has a Link Assistant feature that enables you to build better internal links.

It crawls all links on the website and provides a detailed report with the number of internal links, outbound links, and affiliate links for each post and page.

You can see the exact phrase and the anchor text on which it will create the link. With a click of a button, you can then add them to your content.

Internal Link Juicer is a state-of-the-art solution for building internal links within the post content. It works by using an intelligent per-post configuration of your desired keywords. Overall, it improves your on-page SEO and your user experience (UX) by pointing out the right content for the given context.

Link Whisper quietly and quickly “whispers” contextual internal link suggestions that can both help your readers better find content on your site and helps Google rank your site better due to the improved link structure.

Within the settings, you can ask link whisper to ignore certain words or phrases in order to get the optimal linking opportunities for your site.

Want to open all internal links in a new tab? No problem! Link Whisper has an optional setting for that.

You can see everything offered in the premium version of Link Whisper Right Here.

You simply provide a keyword and an URL. Whenever the keyword appears on your site, it sets links automatically to the given URL.

Here is an example: You have written a blog post on “How to learn guitar”. Now you want the URL “yourdomain.com/how-to-learn-guitar” to be automatically linked whenever the keyword “learn guitar” appears on your website. You simply navigate to “Add link” within the menu and provide the requested parameters (mainly keyword + URL).

This plugin first generates the internal links data with powerful PHP regular expressions applied to your content and then analyzes these data to provide you with valuable information.

Specifically, the plugin adds to WordPress the following features:

  • Internal links analysis
  • Link juice analysis
  • An algorithm that detects the internal links optimization status

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a professionally maintained, highly customizable, performant and feature rich plugin that displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry. YARPP introduces your visitors to other relevant content on your site — boosting visitor engagement, time on site and SEO.

Related Posts can increase your pageviews up to 10%. Simply install, activate and watch your sessions and pageviews increase.

Based on the above-mentioned reasons why you should interlink your blog posts in WordPress, you can simply choose from this list of WordPress interlinking plugins to get started. If you are a blogger, a business owner, or a writer, if you have not been familiar of interlinking, you should definitely try it today to gain more presence online and make your blog even more successful.

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